a poem by Lauro A. Caliva

People are confused of the news.
Officials have different views.
While Fear hovers over nations.
While Death troubles civilizations.

Novel coronavirus arrived in our bay.
Not just a new challenge of our new day.
New virus turned a new chapter of our story.
New disease brought a new period our history.

I’m not only a citizen in a closed country.
I’m not only a person in a quarantined community.
I’m a human shocked by the new reality.
I’m a soul deprived of normality.

I’m praying for pandemic to end soon.
I’m no longer expecting economic boom.
I’m sad for poor people who cry for food.
I’m sad for other people who grieve for their brood.

I’m thinking of the day when the pestilence is gone.
I’m waiting for the day when the pandemic is done.
I’m praying for a cure that can save everyone.
I’m hoping for that wonderful day to come.

It’s a day when I can go out.
It’s a date when I can sneak out.
It’s a time when I can speak out.
It’s a period when I can shout out.

I will get away from fools.
I will pray in the woods.
I will read many books.
I will start new schools.



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