The National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes is located on the corner of Kanlaon and N.S. Amoranto Streets.

The entrance is at the Kanlaon gate.

Before entering the shrine, please have your body temperature recorded and fill out the contact tracing forms. Wait for your turn while following physical distancing, standing 1 meter away from the next person. Wear your face mask and face shield.

Only persons from ages 18 to 65 years will be admitted. Persons with disabilities (PWDs) are also welcome, as long as they are not immunocompromised. The sick and wheelchair-bound will not be allowed entry. They are encouraged to stay home and follow the Masses on livestream on Facebook and You Tube

Should you wish to venerate the canonically crowned image of Our Lady of Lourdes, follow the signs to the grotto. Wait in line quietly. Upon reaching the grotto area, follow the guidelines, say your prayers briefly to give way to those waiting for their turn. Use the exit staircase.

The maximum capacity of the church is 330 persons. Outdoor spaces provide seats and a view through a projector in the parking lot, as well as a wide screen TV. The chairs will be arranged according to safety protocols. Should you wish to stand, use the step-on circles as guides.

If you decide to stay outside the church grounds, on Kanlaon Street, it is also possible since the proceedings can be viewed through a big screen. Again, use the step-on circles as the guide for safe physical distance.

Thank you very much.



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