By Tess Arvisu

One year from the first lockdown on March 17, 2021, we find ourselves under similar circumstances. Asked to stay in our homes, only essential travel is permitted, and for parishioners, the church is closed for the next 2 weeks, due to a voluntary lockdown declared by the Diocese of Cubao to help stave off the rapid surge of the Covid 19 contagion. Please follow NSOLL’s online masses and Lenten activities from March 22 to April 4, 2021 on NSOLL’s FB page.

Peace and all good from the Social Communications Ministry of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.

        “The Catholic Church, since it was founded by Christ our Lord to bear salvation to all men and thus is obliged to preach the Gospel, considers it one of its duties to announce the Good News of salvation also with the help of the media of social communication and to instruct men in their proper use.” (Inter mirifica 3)”

        Following the lockdown on March 17, 2020, NSOLL resumed with 3 daily Masses through livestream on NSOLLQC’s Facebook page after a few weeks. Devotees from all over were able to witness the historical Canonical Coronation of Our Lady of Lourdes on August 22, 2020. The monthly Lay Formation lectures continued. And recently, the full coverage of the Fiesta 2021 celebration – the Triduum, Novena and Fiesta Masses, daily Dalaw Patrona motorcades, the grand motorcade within the vicariate – was available on Facebook LIVE. Never did we think that social media would serve as the main conduit to the practice of our faith in such a necessary, consistent and highly accessible manner.

        All these are made possible through existing equipment donated by generous benefactors over the years. Today there is a need to update these, partly due to wear-and-tear, heightened collaboration with parish organizations, diocesan and national activities as well as necessary upgrades for efficiency.

        We knock on the door of your heart help to update the equipment used by the NSOLL MultiMedia Ministry, specifically for livestream broadcasts through financial contributions. A list of the equipment can be found below.

Borrowing from Inter mirifica 17: “(We) earnestly invite those organizations and individuals who possess financial and technical ability to support these media freely and generously with their resources and their skills, inasmuch as they contribute to genuine culture and the apostolate.

        Any cash donation you can give, not necessarily the amounts indicated below, are certainly welcome and much appreciated, and will be properly receipted.

Your donation will allow the upgrade for NSOLL’s MultiMedia Equipment.

Kindly send your financial contribution to:

Account Name: National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes Bank Name: Philippine National Bank, Retiro, Quezon City, Philippines C/A Number: 1213 7000 3683

Then send a copy of the deposit slip indicating your name and the words: “For NSOLL MultiMedia Equipment” to Nsoll Ppc Donations (on FB Messenger) or (email).

Here is the list:

1PTZ Camera  (CCTV) 30X Zoom134,750
250” Ultra HD Smart TV    (2 sets)41,200
3Pro Video Cam HC-X2000 with Tripod109,999
4SXT 4G or LTE Kit 10,000
5Mini HDMI Live Video Mixer16,000
6Drone for Aerial Shots28,990
74K Audio Video Transmitter + accessories    (2 sets)50,000
8LED Light Video Light Kits  (2 sets) 20,000



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